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Examples of detailed astrology report of various celebrities. The celebrities of a particular group have similar combination of planets in astrology. For example Saturn and Venus combination makes a person a film celebrity. Saturn and mars combination makes medical or engineering celebrity, Jupiter and Saturn gives legal eminence. Sun when strong makes a ruler or politician of great power. A strong Mars in a horoscope makes a General of the Army. Your favorite actors, singers, tv personalities and more.

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Angelina Jolie
04 Jun, 1975
Los Angeles, US, California

Barbra Streisand
24 Apr, 1942
Brooklyn, US, New York

Bill Gates
28 Oct, 1955
Seattle, US, Washington

Brad Pitt
18 Dec, 1963
Shawnee, US, Oklahoma

Che Guevara
14 May, 1928
Rosario, Argentina

Christina Aguilera
18 Dec, 1980
Staten Island, New York

Dalai Lama
06 Jul, 1935
Tengster, China

Fidel Castro
13 Aug, 1926
Oriente, Cuba

Frank Sinatra
12 Dec, 1915
Hoboken, US, New Jersey

Kylie Minogue
26 May, 1968
Melbourne, Australia

16 Aug, 1958
Bay City, US, Michigan

Mel Gibson
03 Jan, 1956
Peekskill, US, New York

Michael Jackson
22 Aug, 1958
Gary, US, Indiana

Mick Jagger
26 Jul, 1943
Dartford, United Kingdom

Novak Djokovic
22 May, 1987
Belgrade, Serbia

Pamela Anderson
01 Jul, 1967
Ladysmith, Canada

Pope Benedict XVI
16 Apr, 1927
Marktl, Germany

Pope John Paul II
18 May, 1920
Wadowice, Poland

Princess Diana
01 Jul, 1961
Dersingham, United Kingdom

Robert de Niro
17 Aug, 1943
Brooklyn, US, New York

Steven Spielberg
18 Dec, 1946
Cincinnati, US, Ohio
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