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Name: Novak Djokovic | birth town: Belgrade, Serbia (20e28, 44n48) | birthday: 22 May, 1987 | Birth time: 10:35


The sign that is on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth is called the Rising Sign or the Ascendant. The Ascendant marks the difference in temperament, disposition, physical appearance and personality of individuals. It is the lens through which everything else in the chart is focused or looked through, thus coloring the way we look at everything. People see us through our rising sign and we see the world through our rising sign.

People with Aries rising tend to be energetic, pioneering, rash, argumentative, selfish, impulsive, quick-tempered, aggressive, assertive, headstrong, independent, alert, mechanically-inclined, physically active, self-promoting, self-centered in an unthinking way, and more thoughtless than mean. You have a general dislike for restraint of any kind, don't like to be told what to do, need to learn diplomacy and tact, need to look before leaping, need to better learn how to channel your energies for more constructive purposes and results. Like the ram who symbolizes this sign, you tend to butt your head against your problems hoping that with enough force you can eventually knock down whatever stands before you, including people. You like the challenges of life and are very competitive and sometimes combative. You get bored easily with routine and one thing you may need to practice more of is persistence. You tend to jump from one thing to another, always looking for something new. Finish what you start before moving on. Spiritual lesson to learn: Patience. Mars rules Aries so Mars will be important in your chart.


The planets represent energies and cosmic forces that can manifest in different ways. They are like the actors in a play. The signs describe the ways in which these planetary energies are used. They show the motivation and the roles the different actors play. As with everything in the material world, these energies can and usually do operate in two directions, the positive and negative.

Sun in Aries
Arians can be inspirational, courageous, enthusiastic, original, independent, impatient, aggressive, headstrong, selfish, self-centered, and impulsive. The Arian's energies are directed toward building a new individuality, thus all the Arian's energies are directed towards themself and what they want.

An Arian likes roles where there leadership abilities are put on display. Arians have executive and organizing ability which is mainly directed in starting things. Sustaining projects is not their strength, but initiating projects is. The tendency to "damn the torpedoes" and ram full-speed ahead must be controlled. Arians are capable of great accomplishments if they learn how to constructively use their abundant energies.

Arians are naturally enthusiastic and are always ready for activity and competition. They are inspiring to others because of these tendencies. Ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in a never-ending stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage.

Because Arians can be pretty self-centered, they must remember that other people may have good ideas and can assume responsibility and leadership roles, too. The natural tendency for an Arian is to stand alone and do everything themself. But cooperation with others can be very effective in getting things done to the end rather than simply starting things and quitting before completion. Arians have a tendency to start a project, then to suddenly lose interest in it if progress is too slow or things have become too complicated.

Arians are very straight-forward and are neither subtle nor devious. They say what's on their mind and they pull no punches. They don't hold grudges and although they can get quite angry, they do not hold it in and stew about what bothers them. They blow in and out like some great Midwestern thunderstorm. It may be violent while it lasts, but it is usually over quickly.

Arians are prone to headaches due to tension. Arians are usually aggressive in relationships and generally take the lead. They go after what interests them and the chase may be more fun for them than the conquest.

Four things an Arian should learn are patience, conservation of energy, completion, and control of temper.

Moon in Aries
Adaptability and inconstancy in your efforts to initiate are present here. Frequent emotional upheavals due to a fiery temper are possible. Patience is not your strong suit and if things don't happen the way you want, and now, well, you can go off like a bolt of lightning. Your tendency is to be spontaneous, temperamental, impetuous, headstrong and you dislike restraint. You are very direct in thought, action, and speech and everyone knows how you feel. You pull no punches. You can be a very bossy individual if you do not try to control your moods. A desire to be in the limelight or in charge of things is present. You hate showing any personal weakness or that you need any support, comfort, or nurturing from others. Your enthusiasm for starting new projects is contagious and you are probably a better starter than a finisher. You are adventurous, courageous, and independent. You don't like complainers and are always ready to meet any challenge. A fair amount of physical activity is good for you so you can work off those moods you get into once in a while. You have a creative, flamboyant personality that likes to trail-blaze in unusual ventures. Perhaps your accomplishments cover inferiority feelings that lie beneath the surface.

Mercury in Aries
You are outspoken and direct in speech and actions. Your thoughts are original and filled with enthusiasm and great energy. You love a good argument or debate and like to compete and strategize with your mind. You say what you mean and don't pull any punches. You are opinionated and love to share those opinions, even if not asked to do so. You love controversy and might need to develop a little more tact in how you express your own thoughts. Your mind is restless and filled with much nervous energy. It is hard for you to sit still. You always have to be busy, especially with your hands. Mechanical ability may be present. Your thoughts and words are quick and impulsive and you may at times suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. A lack of patience and concentration in carrying out your plans may be evident. Great wit and an entertaining personality help make you popular. You don't like to be told how to do things and want the freedom to do things your own way. There never seems to be enough time to do all the things you have on your mind. You may be quick-tempered, but hardly ever carry a grudge. You get over things quickly, then move on.

Venus in Aries
Venus desires relationships, sociality, and affection. Aries is forthright, demanding and wants to take the lead. Therefore, you may be very ardent and pursuing in relationships. Your feelings and passions are easily aroused and you usually try to take the lead in social matters and affairs of the heart. You go out and get what you think you want. Trouble is, once gotten, you may get tired of having. The thrill of the chase is more important to you than the final catch. Thus your romances may start off in a blaze of excitement and glory only to end in boredom and monotony. There are always fresh fields to conquer and you go after them. It's almost a crusade for you. Venus worst qualities are trying too hard to please others and taking the line of least resistance. In relationships, then, you may choose partners who tend to dominate you and want you to do things their way at the expense of your own wishes. Venus in Aries calls for you to be assertive, yet not dominating, pleasing, yet not a dishrag. You are independent and have an impulsive approach to love. You like competitiveness and perhaps pick fights just for the action and excitement. You can be very inconsiderate of others because you sometimes do not think about your actions and they effects they have on those closest to you. Impatience and selfishness can be a problem for you.

Mars in Aries
You are aggressive, pioneering, adventurous, and always on the outlook to start new projects. You hate restraint and don't like to be told to do something or how to do it. You want to lead, not follow. At times you can be headstrong, impulsive, and impatient. Waiting is not something that appeals to you. You go after what you want with great zeal and you do not take "no" for an answer. You love competition and anything that allows you to test or prove yourself. Cooperation is not your strong suit and you can be very self-willed, self-absorbed, and selfish at times. The "me-first" attitude is strong in you. You are self-reliant and hate depending or relying on others. You need to be your own person and do things your way, even if it might not be the best way. Your best talent is in getting things off the ground quickly. If initial success does not come quickly, you may get tired of that project and move to the next. Sustaining is not your strong side. Long term efforts are not as appealing to you as quick, short term affairs that you can finish with quickly so you can start something else. Energy and enthusiasm are your strong side. Self-control is important for you to learn so you don't burn out. Physical activity and keeping in shape appeals to you. You may be prone to accidents due to haste. You need to learn to stick to a project until it is finished before rushing off on a new endeavor. You must learn to control your temper and impulsiveness.

Jupiter in Aries
You are enthusiastic, assertive, energetic, and filled with many ideas on how to grow, start, promote, or expand the ideas which fill your head. You are opinionated and can be very persuasive in getting people to go along with your plans and ideas. You like dealing with the big picture and have leadership qualities. A need to learn patience and to think before you act is probable. Your tendency to promise more than you can deliver should be watched. Tolerance of others people's ideas and viewpoints should also be developed. You have the ability to sell things, ideas, material goods, philosophies. Over-optimism, conceit, self-centeredness, false pride, and fanaticism over some cause may be your biggest shortfalls with this position.

Saturn in Aries
The best quality of Saturn is system and the best quality of Aries is leadership. Therefore, you can be a very capable leader, one who knows what to do and is not afraid of going out and doing it no matter what it takes or how long it takes. Combat and competitiveness spur you on to greater achievements. Self-reliance is high within you and you probably feel that you are more capable than those around you, hence you may end up doing all the work, which may antagonize you if you feel that others are not holding up their end of things. Saturn's worst quality is selfishness and Aries worst quality is interference with the plans of others. Therefore, you are also capable of meddling and trying to run the affairs of others. You may run roughshod over them in trying to get them to do your will rather than their own. You can be a real slave-driver. You dislike restraint of any kind and do not take kindly to others telling you what to do. Remember this as you give the orders. Obstructions, frustrations, and limitations come into play in your pioneering, self-starting efforts. Freedom comes only through responsibility and discipline. Impatience can ruin all the good work you try to do. Caution may need to be developed in the carrying out of your plans. Stability and security are important to you and you work with those thoughts in mind. Feelings of being inadequate may spur you on to tackle immense undertakings in order to feel more valued or worthy. Stress from trying to accomplish too much may make you prone to headaches. Saturn in Aries calls for you to be self-sacrificing.


The planets represent energies and cosmic forces that can be utilized in various ways. They are like the actors in a play. Houses represent the different spheres of life where these energies can be and are brought to bear, for better or for worse. If the planets are the actors in a play, then the houses represent the various settings in which the actors play out their roles (signs).


If the planets represent energies and cosmic forces that manifest in different ways, then the planetary aspects show how these energies and forces tend to act and react, one with another, if the will of the person is not brought into play to change them.

Sun blending with Moon
The tendency here is for you to be rather one-sided. It is difficult for you to be objective and you have little or no appreciation for other, different ways of approaching life. You feel yours is the best way and you can't imagine how anyone else could be doing something different than you. It is hard for you to put yourself in other people's situations and understand just what things are like for them. You try, but you just don't have that ability. You tend to be impulsive. You need to learn to use your willpower to control the fluctuating emotional turmoils that stir within you. You can be extremely sensitive at times and you do not always take into consideration how your actions will affect other people. You are not unkind, just oblivious. Your vitality and constitution are generally strengthened with this aspect. In any case, though, there is the need for occasional rest to allow your system to recharge and recuperate. The vitality of the Sun can burn up the constitution of the Moon. You are apt to work on many projects all at the same time and it would be good if you could learn to develop more persistence. Oh, and a little patience, also.

Sun blending with Mercury
You have a tendency at times to see things from your perspective only. Occasionally you have trouble being objective because you can be pretty self-absorbed. You love to talk about yourself, your ideas and your views, but you aren't all that interested in listening to others do the same thing. You enjoy a clear mind, with a quick wit, and you have a love for learning and involving yourself in new experiences. You need constant mental stimulation and activity or you get bored. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to win them over to your viewpoint, but you must watch a tendency to tune out what other people are saying. This happens because your mind is busily thinking about what you are going to say next and you pay no attention to them. You are rather high-strung and you may have the habit of biting your nails, cracking your knuckles or some other fidgety habit. Get yourself a hobby that requires the use of your hands so you won't be so anxious and annoying to others with your little idiosyncrasies. And work a little on being less self-centered.

Sun blending with Venus
You are loving and well-loved by others. You have charm and are gentle, kind, sympathetic, friendly and helpful. You are considerate of other people's feelings. You have artistic and creative abilities and you like to do everything in a harmonious, gracious and pleasing manner. Aesthetics are very important to you, as are your own personal appearance and attractiveness. Good things happen to you because you attract them, and whatever else you happen to need. You desire comfortable, attractive and even luxurious surroundings. You want your home to be a place of beauty. Creature comforts are necessary for your well-being, at least as far as you are concerned. You don't like getting your hands dirty. You have an appreciation of the arts. You have the ability to make friends easily because of your own friendliness and graciousness. You are affectionate, but may not be demonstrative unless you receive affection in return. You have the ability to say what other people want to hear, for better or for worse.

Sun blending with Mars
You are full of vitality, energy and the force of life. You have an indomitable will that does not allow you to quit or to fail. You are assertive, active, courageous and passionate. You have a strong physical drive which expresses itself through passion and sexuality or through creative enterprises. You have a fighting spirit and a desire to compete with anyone, over anything. Your magnetic personality draws people to you. There is danger here of trying to do so much that you eventually burn yourself out. Take some time to rest along the way and you will find that you actually have accomplished more by taking periodic breaks. You are driven by your desire to create, whether in business or in your personal life. You have a victorious spirit and the will to win, whatever the odds. There is impulse, high energy, speed and intensity. But all that energy needs control, discipline and the proper channeling for it to be a constructive force. This is what you must learn to do. Use your willpower to direct the energies into constructive channels. You tend to be argumentative and combative. Physical exercise is important to you so that you can work off some of the stress that having all this energy generates. This aspect favors situations where strength and muscular exertion are needed. Along with all this you have the tendency to be selfish and to only think of your own needs. Your self-interests are much more important than anyone else's. Try to be a little more mindful of the needs of others before your own. With such powerful energies at work, you may have difficulty being humble and modest. Don't let your ego rage out of control. Remember, too, that "pride goeth before the fall".

Sun blending with Jupiter
You have an abundant amount of optimism, self-confidence and cheerful generosity. Your good will, kind nature and friendliness make you popular with almost everyone. You have grand plans and ideas about everything and you believe that you are just the right person to head things up. You have the desire to succeed in life in a big way. You expect the best and usually get it, either through the thoughtful acts of others or because of your own hard work. This aspect brings much good luck, financial reward, enthusiasm and self-pride. The only real danger here is that you may tend to be somewhat over-indulgent, wasteful or extravagant. There is also danger of false pride and a rather inflated ego, though not in a mean sense. You are perhaps a bit of a spend-thrift, not much concerning yourself as to whether or not you should stick to some sort of budget. There is a yearning to know your true inner self and discover what the plan is for your life. You love travel and will probably have the opportunity to do so, perhaps because of your career. This is the aspect of the guardian angel. No matter how close the calls, you are somehow saved, if need be, in the very last moment. Spiritual forces watch over you and protect you from harm. Your kindness and generosity in past lives have brought this reward to you here and now, with all the attendant favors. Use them wisely.

Sun blending with Saturn
You come across as a very mature, very serious individual with a sober and somber outlook on life. You do your duty at all costs and you take great pride in the carrying out of your responsibilities. You have a great deal of self-control and self-discipline and are able to put forth whatever effort any task requires. You have organizing and executive ability and you know what it takes to get the job done. You are not interested in the frivolities and fun of life, only what you can accomplish by hard work. Your reserved nature gives people the mistaken impression that you are cold, aloof, unfeeling and uncaring. You have a difficult time showing your softer side because that is not how you were raised. You are fearful of failure and that is why you work so hard so as to avoid it. Depression is a common occurrence for you, but you take it and everything else in stride. You feel alone, that you have to do everything yourself if you want the job done right. But, independence suits you and you do not lash out at your lot in life. It could be a lot worse, you figure. You are ambitious and conscientious to a fault. Your rise in life to a position of authority is a rather slow process, but you work steadily toward it because you are patient and persistent. You tend to be rather stern and judgmental, especially with yourself. Cautious and careful, it is difficult for you to really let go, to be spontaneous and playful. You like to be in control of yourself and you are uncomfortable showing your emotions or your affections. You are shy and self-restrained. To you, life is a serious business. You are a tough disciplinarian and a bit of a wet blanket. You understand rules and regulations and the need for them.

Sun blending with Uranus
You are innovative, unusual, intuitive, clever, creative, unconventional, unorthodox and you identify with the role of the rebel, the reformer or the weirdo. You are very independent and hate to be told what to do and when to do it. You do not easily adapt yourself to other people's needs and wishes. You have to have the kind of lifestyle that allows you to be spontaneous. You feel that you are different than other people and are somehow outside the mainstream of life. Some people think you're from another planet, or at least ahead of your time. You do not want to feel controlled in any situation, and especially in relationships. You have a great deal of nervous tension and tend to be high-strung. Rest and creative outlets are needed in order for you to keep your balance and not go off the deep end. You have an electric personality that charges up the people who are around you. You are highly sensitive and highly intuitive. You rely on your hunches to choose the right thing to do. You have the knack of being able to determine how to do new things which are big improvements over the old methods. There is a certain genius about you that can be brought out by the proper application of self-control and self-discipline.

Sun blending with Neptune
You are sensitive and imaginative and are attracted to artistic and creative pursuits, to mysticism, to photography or to drama and the theater. You are impressionable and receptive and you need to watch the people, environments and situations with which you associate as you tend to soak up the vibrations surrounding you, for good or ill. The power of suggestion works more easily with you, because of this aspect, than it does for others. There may be strange and mysterious things that happen to you that seemingly defy the rational mind. You have a lot of dreams, visions and yearnings, but may not possess the concentrated will and stamina to do anything with them or to bring them into reality. You are gentle, helpful, sympathetic and compassionate toward others, but you can be taken advantage of by someone with a good sob story. You like to help people in need, but you need to be discriminating about it. You have a need to express yourself creatively, most likely through the arts or through music. You do not like the harsher side of life and you try to avoid facing difficulties whenever you can. This tendency to hide may lead to turning to drugs or alcohol if you do not exercise the appropriate amount of self-control. Running away will not help solve any troubles you have. You are prone to procrastination. There are times when you can be completely self-deluded over what is going on around you. You may experience delusions of grandeur because there are moments when you cannot separate truth from fiction or reality from fantasy. You are emotional, sentimental, romantic and psychically attuned. Avoid any negative psychic practices such as Ouija boards, sťances, hypnotism and mediums. You must not allow your tendency to daydream interfere with the responsibilities you have in life. People find it somewhat hard to understand you, but this makes sense seeing as you do not really understand yourself.

Sun blending with Pluto
You are an intense person with a great deal of willpower. Anything you set your mind to is waiting there for you to accomplish. You will not admit defeat, no odds are too great for you to overcome and there is no challenge that worries you. Inside you are quite a fanatic, though you may hide your personal desires and intentions and the intensity of your feelings. You feel driven by some deep, inner sense of destiny and there is an almost compulsive desire for personal recognition. You have a total preoccupation with power and will try to get it at almost any cost. You want to be the world's best at something and that idea spurs you on to all your efforts. You have a powerful magnetism and charisma and people around you either love you and are almost mesmerized by you or they hate you because they feel very threatened by your presence. You will perhaps make a lot of enemies on your climb to the top, just remember that you will reap what you sow, so sow carefully and wisely. Because of your inner power, you have potential for great good or great evil. You want to reform the world and remake it in your own image. You are strong-willed and like to have your own way, but you should learn to compromise. You have obvious natural leadership qualities.

Moon blending with Mercury
You are interested in the motivations, feelings, personal life and problems of others. You are a sympathetic listener, but you love to endlessly discuss your own experiences and feelings. You have a talent for getting people to open up to you and tell you everything about their lives, dreams, desires, and other things that are personally meaningful to them. People seek you out to get your advice and to be their sounding board. With this ability you could be an excellent interviewer, reporter, or biographer. You make a natural psychologist and counselor. You need to control your tendency toward idle talk and gossip, though.

You may be interested in the study of anything ancient, subjects like history, archeology, genealogy, etc. You want to know where your roots are. Other areas that appeal to you are psychology, symbolism, mythology, and various and different languages. This aspect gives wit, cleverness, a fine sense of humor and superficiality. You have a keen and perceptive mind and a good memory, but sometimes it is clouded by emotional biases. You love change and variety and probably enjoy travel a great deal. Because your emotions and rational thinking are so closely joined, you fluctuate from being extremely logical to being very emotional.

Moon blending with Venus
You are a very warm-hearted, compassionate and sympathetic person who will always go out of their way for someone in need. You are affectionate and no matter who the person is, you are willing to nurture them, to mother them and take care of their needs. You want to find a partner who values marriage, home and family as much as you do. You are offended by unkindness, harshness or bad manners. You have charm and grace and are very much at home in any social setting. You are the consummate host or hostess because you always make people feel welcome and appreciated. You are a wonderful listener and people come to you with their problems because they know you will not pass judgment on them or try to control them and their actions. You probably have talent and skill in art or music or you perhaps have a beautiful singing voice. You are a bit vain over your appearance and there may be a lazy streak in you at times that keeps you from getting your hands dirty over the crummy jobs in life that we all have to face. You have too great a desire for rich and sweet food and you need to exercise a bit more self-control in this area. You tend to overeat when your emotions are not balanced. If done to excess, this will cause health problems later on. You don't particularly like to exercise and work up a sweat. You have a warm and friendly personality which makes you very popular, even if you are basically shy within. You have a love for beauty, harmony, peace and luxury and your artistic skills may be put to good use through such crafts as dressmaking, flower arrangement or interior decorating. In general, this aspect gives favorable health, good relationships, financial well-being, though there may be fluctuations because of poor spending habits, and comforts in life. There is a great love of pleasure which needs to be moderated.

Moon blending with Mars
You have a great deal of emotional energy and you need to learn how to channel it into constructive endeavors in order to keep your balance and sanity. You feel that you have to be constantly busy and you become impatient and irritable if something or someone slows you down or makes you wait for anything. You have a volatile temper and are subject to sudden mood changes. A stormy home life may be the result of your tendency to fight for what you want rather than to compromise and cooperate. It may not be noticeable to you just how competitive you really are. You have an independent spirit and you do not like to be restrained in any way. Neither do you like being told what to do or how to do it. Your impulse and impatience must be brought under control as you are subject to accidents, cuts and burns because of your haste and carelessness. You are generally warm and loving, but you can also be very hard on people as you are sometimes very opinionated and prone to critical appraisal of others. You think and act quickly and you may become irritated or impatient with people who are slower than you and who can't keep up as well. This aspect strengthens your health and vitality.

Moon blending with Jupiter
You are tolerant, forgiving and always ready to overlook people's mistakes and give them a second chance. You expect the best from others and draw the best that is in them from them. You have a knack for making others comfortable and happy. You are well-liked because of your emotional generosity and you have many friends which attest to that. This aspect can bring financial well-being. You have the ability to laugh at yourself and see the humor even in the worst of circumstances. You are optimistic and have great faith in the future and in your fellow man. You are sympathetic, compassionate and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. You are a good listener and you have the ability to feel what others feel because you can put yourself in their shoes. You are non-judgmental and people trust you and your advice. You enjoy having a good time and there are moments when you may forget that there is a need to work also. You need to take care that you don't overdo physically or emotionally. You have the tendency to overeat if your emotions are out of balance. You use food to give you security and if you do not learn to control yourself and your insecurities, then this will cause you bigger problems down the road.

Moon blending with Saturn
You tend to be serious and emotionally reserved. You perhaps did not have a happy early upbringing where you were able to play a lot or express yourself in a spontaneous, childlike manner. You are cautious about letting others get close to you and you sometimes feel a need to withdraw from people altogether. You feel isolated and alone, even when you are with other people. You have learned to appreciate your own company and to keep yourself busily occupied with solitary activities in order to preserve your emotional well-being. You are an ambitious person who wants to find some area of life to excel in. You take your responsibilities very seriously and you work long and hard to finish what you have started. You have tremendous organizational skills. You want some kind of position of control or authority and that is what drives you. Perhaps this is your defense mechanism to show the world that you are worthy of love and respect, the kind of love and respect that was perhaps missing as you were growing up. Your emotions are inhibited by Saturn's cold, restrictive influence, so you are somewhat shy with a tendency toward gloomy, melancholy and depressive moods. And as thoughts are things, this attitude brings you just what you are thinking. You easily doubt your own abilities and that is why you are striving so hard to prove something. Your constant need for reassurance from others can drive friends and loved ones away. You must learn to handle your fears and insecurities so that you do not make your situation worse. You are extremely sensitive and worry much too much about what others think of you. You lack self-esteem. On the positive side, though, this aspect helps to steady the emotional nature, it deepens the mind and it gives greater power for concentration. You need to cultivate an optimistic frame of mind. Strive to open yourself to others and to go out of your way to help them instead of worrying about just your own little petty concerns.

Moon blending with Uranus
You are independent and you crave emotional excitement. You need a lot of emotional freedom and you like to break the rules and take risks. Your moods change as quickly as the wind and one never knows which mood will show itself next. You have a weird and unusual sense of humor and you get a kick out of acting a little bit crazy or outlandish at times. Anything that is new or untried appeals to you and you have little or no patience for traditional and restrictive customs or thought patterns. You are attracted to unusual, creative or offbeat people and non-traditional lifestyles and living arrangements. You have a highly tuned intuition and you like to go with your hunches as often as possible. You can be quite stubborn at times and there is a need for you to learn how to control your emotions. You need to develop self-control. You may be accident-prone because you are always in such a hurry and have trouble paying attention to what you are doing. You can be very careless at times. You have a strong electric personality and people enjoy being around you because you are the proverbial "live wire". You like life to be exciting and you make it so. You are constantly on the go and have a difficult time settling down. You get bored easily so you take up many projects hoping that the thrills will continue. You are not very good at completing what you have started, though. You have an original mind with a very vivid imagination. You have inventive ability and are attracted to the occult arts, possibly even astrology. Your relationships tend to come out of the blue and end as quickly as they have started.

Moon blending with Neptune
You have a tireless imagination and the ability to visualize your dreams and fantasies into reality, if you can put forth the necessary work it takes. You are indeed a dreamer, very much attuned to the world of illusion and mystery. You retreat into your own little world to escape the pressures and hardships of the world. You must be careful that you don't stay there and neglect your earthly duties and responsibilities. Running away from trouble does not get rid of it. You are sympathetic, compassionate, gentle and kind and are an easy touch for anyone with a sob story to take advantage of. You need to develop self-control of your emotions and your imagination.

You feel the pain that others feel, you feel their sorrow and you help whomever you can. You are fairly passive and it is difficult for you to fight or assert yourself, even when you need to. You need to learn how to stand up for your own rights. You have ability in the occult arts and may experience prophetic dreams. You have a great deal of intuition and you can trust it if you develop the habit of really listening and responding to it. You must avoid any negative psychic practices such as Ouija boards, hypnotism, sťances and mediums for they would be detrimental to you. You are mystical, but not necessarily practical. You may lack the necessary willpower to resist temptation so it might be wise for you to avoid it entirely rather than putting yourself into difficult situations. You soak up the emotional state of the people and situations with which you surround yourself, so choose positive environments that are uplifting rather than degrading. Devotional music stirs your soul and you recognize it as a voice from home. There may be introversion and self-indulgence. You have a strong attraction to art and music and there may be talent in either, or photography, drama or dance. At times you become disappointed or disillusioned with others because of your tendency to idealize the people you like.

Moon blending with Pluto
You have an intense, yet hidden emotional nature and you crave intense emotional experiences. You are very volatile and like a volcano, one minute you seem quite peaceful and the next you are exploding with great force and unexpected fury. The intensity of these reactions often surprises even you. You tend to be emotionally fanatical about the people and things you care about. At times your feelings and desires can be so overwhelming that you do things against your own better judgment and reason. You have the tendency to be very manipulative and controlling, often in a most subtle way. You like wielding your power. Your personal relationships are very emotional, passionate and often stormy and painful as well. There can be feelings of jealousy and possessiveness which threaten to ruin all your partnerships. You must get these feelings under control. Likewise, there may be very compulsive or obsessive behavior or desires in your relationships, either exhibited by you or by your partner. You have sensitive, emotional energy which causes sudden emotional upheavals, usually over trivial matters. You are a hard and dedicated worker who has a great deal of endurance, inner strength and stamina. You have the ability to get right to the heart of the matter and figure out what is wrong or what is causing the difficulty. You love to analyze other people's problems and you make an effective counselor. You have a strong force of will and a never-say-die attitude. There may be interest in death or life after death. You must learn not to force your feelings and emotions on those closest to you. They have a right to feel whatever they want, same as you.

Mercury blending with Venus
You can appreciate the finer, more aesthetic things of life because you have a well-developed sense of form, proportion, design and beauty. With such skills you could perhaps be successful as an artist, sculptor, fashion designer, craftsmen, interior decorator, creative writer or jewelry designer. This aspect usually gives talent in the arts, whether it be writing, poetry, speaking or musical ability. You may possess a lovely singing voice. You have the ability to bring harmony to situations through your expert use of the spoken word. The way you think and speak tends to bring peace in difficult situations. You are a natural arbiter and diplomat. You may have success in sales of artistic or other beautiful objects. You have a natural eye for color and an ear for music. Your sense of humor, tact, and personal charm are of great benefit to you in any work with people on a one-to-one level. Your emotions are tied to your mental processes and it may be hard for you to express tour feelings without intellectualizing or rationalizing them. If you do not have artistic talent yourself, then you certainly have a fine appreciation of art, in all its many forms. You are a natural at settling arguments and soothing hurt feelings.

Mercury blending with Mars
You have an alert, quick and ready mind for any mental activity, exercise or game. You love a good debate and you are ever-ready to learn more about almost anything. You love to read and it is perhaps the way you get most of your information. You enjoy working on several projects at a time and you probably have some sort of mechanical ability. You love working with your hands and you may even be ambidextrous. When you speak, you not only speak with your mouth but with your hands as well. There may be mathematical or scientific ability with this aspect. Along with a sharp mind comes a sharp tongue. At times you display no tact whatsoever when you speak your mind and you need to learn to think before you speak. Hoof-in-mouth syndrome is something that is all too familiar with you. You love sarcasm and you don't mind a little good-natured taunting, either on the giving end or the receiving end. You generally express your thoughts in a clear, decisive, forceful and convincing style. You have leadership abilities and can talk up a storm, whether you really know what you are talking about or not. A little b.s. never hurt anyone, right? You love pointing out the flaws and discrepancies in someone else's arguments. You can be verbally aggressive and abrasive at times and there are times where you overstate your case or offend people by your unadorned frankness. You can be an effective spokesperson, lawyer or salesperson. You have the power to persuade just from using the sheer force of words. You may have writing talent and ability as well, particularly geared toward criticism or satire. You love mental challenges. You are quite independent, determined, courageous, with the energy to succeed in life. Learn to think before speaking, though, since you could easily lose friends through your bluntness and sarcasm.

Mercury blending with Jupiter
You like to look at and plan things from the larger viewpoint. You are not as good at working with detail as you are in seeing the big picture. Your ideas are always on a grand scale and you do not like to get bogged down in trivialities. Because of your great optimism you may promise more than you can deliver. You have the tendency to exaggerate whatever it is you are talking about, including yourself and perhaps your own abilities. There are times when you just plain talk too much or say the same things over and over, figuring maybe you weren't understood or heard the first time you said them. You have the tendency to check and re-check things over and over even though you know they were fine the first time, like setting the alarm clock or checking to see if you locked the front door. At times you can be impractical because of the scale of your visions. Travel is especially interesting to you as it gives you a chance to be exposed to and soak up new knowledge. You are always ready to let other people know what your opinions and viewpoints are, even though they haven't asked. Philosophical speculation and theorizing about abstract concepts are fun for you. You're always ready to play Devil's advocate even if you happen to agree with your opponent's point of view. You just like a good discussion, argument or debate. You enjoy mental sparring matches.

You are interested in the broad view, in universal principles and systems, in seeing connecting relationships and patterns, and in seeing the whole picture rather than the component parts. You have great respect and thirst for knowledge and education is very important to you, whether it is the formal kind or the informal kind that continues long past college days. You love to teach and to pass on your knowledge and experiences to others. As a teacher you learn as much from your students as they learn from you because you are always questioning and wondering about this and that. Writing and speaking are also two avenues that you may pursue and it wouldn't be surprising if you had some sort of connection to broadcasting, publishing or advertising. You are a natural salesperson and people tend to trust you and believe what you tell them.

You are perhaps better at dreaming up schemes than in implementing them. You are just as happy if someone else does the actual work after you have thought up what needs doing. You have a direct, open, frank and honorable mental attitude and you do not go around intentionally trying to deceive people. Your optimism and faith in the future help you succeed in all your activities. At times you can display a certain stubbornness of mind and thought. You like variety and want to be as accomplished as possible in as many areas as you can be. Just be careful that you do not end up the Jack-of-all-trades and the master of none, unless, of course, that is really what you want for yourself.

Mercury blending with Saturn
Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it. You are subject to periodic bouts of depression and are cautious and reserved by nature. Conservatism is your natural mode of operation. You are something of a skeptic and may be narrow-minded and closed to new ideas, especially if you have no concrete proof or scientific evidence as to their validity and correctness. You have an aptitude for research or doing mental work which requires precise, organized thinking, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. Socially, you tend to be reserved, serious, uncommunicative and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. You love work and are very conscientious about carrying out your duties and responsibilities. For you, work is fun. Anything that doesn't accomplish something practical and productive is considered more or less a waste of time and energy. People who listen to you talk know that you speak with the confidence of authority. You have wonderful organizing ability and executive capacity. You are practical and deliberate and you have difficulty expressing your affection for others. You have a tendency toward tooth decay.

Mercury blending with Uranus
You are a lightning quick thinker who is constantly coming up with new ways of doing things. You have an intuitive genius for originality. You are unconventional, weird, a bit eccentric and you demand complete freedom of expression. New ideas, discoveries and inventions thrill you to no end. You love keeping up with the latest state-of-the-art theories and products. Because you grasp ideas so quickly, you may have difficulty being patient with those around you who do not pick up on things as quickly as you do. You understand scientific and mechanical theory easily. You are indeed blessed with a sharp, brilliant, swift and clever mentality. You may be attracted to electronics, astrology or astronomy and metaphysics in general. You have a decidedly high-strung and nervous temperament and you find it difficult to relax. You get bored rather easily so you need lots of things going on at the same time. You enjoy travel as there is always something new to learn or think about. Your mind functions in an intuitive, non-linear fashion, and sudden insights and ideas often come to you "out of the blue". You do well in open, unpredictable atmospheres where flexibility and quick responses are required. You are self-reliant and demand freedom of thought and expression at all times.

Mercury blending with Neptune
You tend to daydream and let your imagination run away with you. You are idealistic, visionary, imaginative and perhaps psychic. There is a decided lack of willpower at times and you are many times content just to flow with the tides of life rather than taking an active participation in directing your own path. You are attracted to the arts and have creative talent and ability with painting, poetry and especially music. If you do not play a stringed instrument, then at least you are attracted to the sounds they make. Their music is like hearing a voice from your true home in the spirit worlds. Because of your sensitiveness, you are sometimes easily led without your knowledge as the power of suggestion has great effect on you. Important character changes are difficult for you to make as things are not seen clearly. There is danger through drugs and alcohol and you would be wise to stay away from them. You may not have as large a backbone as others and for this reason it is important that you watch what sorts of influences and environments you surround yourself with. You are not the steadiest of people. Stay away from all negative psychic influences such as Ouija boards, sťances, hypnotism and mediums. Your mind does not function in a linear, logical manner and you are often unable to express your thoughts in simple, everyday language. Symbols, images, art, or music better express your ideas. For this reason you may not do as well in formal book-learning situations as in simply having someone tell you or show you something firsthand. Flights of imagination and fantasy carry you into strange and beautiful worlds and you could develop the ability to write down some of your perceptions to share with others, for example, by writing fantasy, fiction, lyrics, or poetry. You are sensitive to nuances and innuendo, but may become confused between imagination and true perception. You may have difficulty concentrating your attention on practical or mundane activities or in separating truth from fiction. You are attracted to the metaphysical and the mystical. There may be interest in photography. There may be problems with the nerves and you perhaps need to take a little time every day for some peace and quiet. This aspect is very beneficial to writers, especially of romance or adventure novels, for musicians and for actors.

Mercury blending with Pluto
You are naturally suspicious and curious about all kinds of hidden and secret things. You love playing the detective, ferreting out any and all secret information. You are not content to scratch the surface of knowledge, you have to go as deep as possible in order to seek out the truth. You love a good mystery and subjects like death and dying, reincarnation, sex and mystical or natural methods of healing are of interest to you. You like to know what everyone is doing or thinking, but you rarely divulge what is on your mind. Because of your love of research and investigation you may well be attracted to the fields of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry or counseling in general. You have great powers of concentration and a penetrating mind. You are able to size up people and situations quickly and accurately. You are keenly observant and very little gets by you. You have sort of an x-ray vision regarding the motivations and intentions of others. The occult side of life fascinates you and gives you plenty of scope for your researching talents and interests. Stories of mystery, intrigue, espionage, science fiction, etc. are favorite reading for you. You may have a morbid side to you because of all this interest in underground or undercover subjects. But that is not the way you see it at all. You just want to learn everything you can about subjects that most people couldn't care less about. You have strong opinions with the power to influence others. Some may think you are almost fanatical or obsessive about your beliefs or what you choose to direct your thinking upon. Just remember to keep an open mind to all points of view. With that attitude you will learn even more about the things you study. Lastly, you may have a highly geared nervous system which can cause impatience and irritability. You must learn when you need to give your mind a rest.

Venus blending with Mars
You are extremely amorous and romantic and there are times when you find it difficult to control your passions. You seem to be a magnet to the opposite sex, regardless of whether most people would classify you as beautiful or attractive, although you may well be. You are simply fun and pleasant to be around and that is why you attract so much attention. When you are interested in someone, you tend to pursue them with all the fire within you. Of course, sometimes you come on just a little too strongly and that can cause difficulties. You have a strong desire for love and beauty and involving yourself in some type of creative activity, whether it be art, music, sculpture or poetry, would help to satisfy this inner craving. The more you channel your creativity into means such as these, the less problems you will have controlling your hormones.

This aspect brings a certain charisma and you seem to naturally draw people around you. You like to socialize and are perhaps happiest when surrounded by others. In fact, it may be hard for you to be alone in your own company. You have a great need to give and receive affection from others. Just be careful of where you place your affections. Not everyone feels the same as you do. It is sometimes difficult for you to take any relationship lightly, hence the need to be discriminating with where your heart is placed. This can be a difficult aspect at times because it tends to produce love-hate relationships with those you care about. There are hostile and affectionate feelings both at the same time towards the same person. Channel your energies into creative endeavors.

Venus blending with Jupiter
You are a generous, warm-hearted and open-handed person who shares every resource with others. You give of both yourself and your possessions to those whom you favor. You do not want to be limited in any way, either with your affections or with your personal possessions. You enjoy luxury and refinement and you desire to always be in comfortable, elegant surroundings. You hate having to get your hands dirty. You are charming, gracious and charitable and you are the model host or hostess. This aspect brings material good fortune, which has been earned from previous lives. If there is a negative here, then it is your tendency towards self-indulgence, over-extravagance and laziness. Sometimes things come to you so easily that you do not appreciate them. Things are most appreciated if one has to work hard for them. There may be a love of rich, sweet food as well as too much of it, hence a tendency to gain weight. You are a very gentle and social person who loves harmony, beauty and travel. There may be vulnerability through emotional, ethical or moral naivete.

Venus blending with Saturn
Intimacy with another does not come easy for you. You have been hurt in the past and you are reluctant to open up to others because you fear being hurt again. It is painful to relive bad experiences and you have sort of resolved within yourself that if you do not get involved, then you won't get hurt. As Simon and Garfunkle once said, "I am a rock, I am an island". As a result of your experiences, people may think you are cold, aloof, unfeeling and uncaring. The challenge here is for you to learn to open up and warm up to people, regardless of the possible consequences. You need to remember that you cannot find true love if you are unwilling to first give love, regardless of the results. Love is not barter and you cannot expect everyone you love to love you back. That is not how it works. This aspect is trying to teach you that love is universal, all-encompassing and should be doled out with no strings attached.

You find it difficult to trust people because of past painful experiences, so it takes time for you to take down all your barriers and defenses. You perhaps feel that you are unworthy of love and you cannot think of many reasons why someone should be able to love you. But, that type of thinking is an illusion. You are entitled to as much love as the next person, but love does carry responsibilities. You are worthy of love and there is a lot to love about you, but you must change your attitudes before you can experience the truth of what I have said. People do care about you, but they will tend to leave you alone if they feel that you are trying to shut them out. Open up your emotions and take your chances. It won't kill you, unless you let it. And that would then be your fault.

So, here it is. You need to learn to value and love yourself more and to express your appreciation for others more openly. Not with material gifts, but with honest and true emotion. You have a complex emotional nature and it needs to be examined. You are very loyal and steadfast towards those you love once your emotional needs are understood and that is an admirable trait. You tend to be very serious and responsible in relationships. You may involve yourself with noticeably older or younger partners. Try to be less sensitive and more forgiving when you think a loved one has slighted you. You have a need to feel secure and if you do not, then that tends to throw you for a loop. All manner of negative emotions surface then.

You find it difficult to show love physically. Stop being such a miser with your affections as well as with your possessions. You have a stingy streak in you that does not serve you well. After all, you can't take it with you when you go. So use some of it now in order to spread a little happiness. You may have a tendency to equate having things to having security. This is another illusion. You don't really become less secure by giving away possessions. In fact, the only true wealth you have and retain is that which you give away to others. This is another lesson for you to learn. To end on the bright side, you are a reliable friend who can be trusted.

Venus blending with Uranus
You are excitable, spontaneous, and easily aroused emotionally and sexually. You tend to fall in and out of love very quickly and have little self-restraint or concern for propriety when your feelings have been stirred. You are unique, a bit eccentric and unconventional and you don't mind experimenting. You love and crave excitement, especially in your emotional life. You enjoy the thrill of the chase and you split when things start to get boring. Your strong suit is not in hanging around for the long haul. You prefer non-traditional relationships, ones that give you plenty of freedom and independence as you do not like to feel tied down. You like playing the field and settling down in a permanent, one-to-one relationship may be asking too much from you. In fact, you may intentionally choose partners who are otherwise unavailable because it helps keep things from getting too close and involved. You don't like strings attached to relationships and you prefer to remain rather detached with it all.

You have a highly unusual and explosive emotional nature. You change emotionally as easily as the wind changes direction. You are troubled with the emotional ups and downs which you do not understand and you have the tendency to blame whoever is handy for your emotional lows. The crazy emotional tides which you feel are coming from within and they are because your creativity cannot find a decent outward expression. Use your wonderful creativity ability and your fine intuition in the pursuit of something artistically or musically creative. Then you won't be quite so at the mercy of your erratic emotions.

You have a lot of personal magnetism and sex appeal. Others find you very alluring, exciting and interesting. Being restless by nature, travel would be good for you as it would give you an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and your wanderlust. Change is necessary for you and one way or another your life will be filled with it. In general, you do not care what people think of you or the ways in which you relate to the world and to others. You will do what you want. You need to exercise self-control over your sensual nature.

Venus blending with Neptune
You tend to be what some people call the hopeless romantic. You are very idealistic about love and romance and many times it isn't so much the case that you love someone or that you are in love with someone as it is that you are in love with love. You tend to put your loved one on a pedestal and this can bring problems because when the loved one eventually does something to "fall from grace", then huge disappointment and disillusionment set in and you are crushed. You need to stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and see things for how and what they really are.

Another facet of this aspect is that you may have such an ideal mate built up in your own imagination that no real person could ever come close to your fantasy. You may spend your entire lifetime looking for Mr. or Ms. Perfect such that you miss Mr. or Ms. Right. Come down to earth and realize that no one is perfect and there are no white knights ready to come dashing along to save you. Stop the dreaming but don't give up the dream.

There is danger of falling into the wrong type of relationship, a relationship of co-dependence. Either you or your partner may enjoy or feel obligated to play the role of martyr, victim or savior. Remember that no good relationship is unequal. Two equal partners who neither feel the need to save or be saved make the best couple.

You are a sensitive person who enjoys the finer, aesthetic things in life. You desire harmony and beauty and are probably attracted to the arts in some way, either painting, music, dance, theater or drama. You are perhaps attracted to those with artistic or mystical inclinations. This is a certain charm about you that others find unworldly. The unusual and the intuitive, the sensual and the explorative appeal to you. You are insecure in matters of love. Simply remember that everyone has some human frailty, so do the best you can as that is all the Universe asks of you.

Venus blending with Pluto
You have deep, compelling and sometimes irrational feelings of love and passion and you will not settle for a relationship that isn't intense. You are wildly passionate towards the ones you love, as well as being perhaps jealous and possessive of them as well. Whatever you feel, you want to feel it down to the deepest level of your existence. Of course this can cause problems with everyday life because no relationship can be that intense and that interesting all the time. At times you do not care whether the emotions you feel are good or bad as long as they are powerful. So agony and ecstasy are both okay with you, although you're not silly enough to prefer the agony. Well, maybe. These intense relationships, even if they do not last, have a way of transforming you and that is why you instinctively seek them out or why they seem to come to you.

You tend to have a certain emotional fanaticism about the things you care about. It's all or nothing - there are no half-way measures for you. There can be trouble through emotional excesses, misplaced passions or the loss of control of the sensual nature. Self-control and self-discipline are necessary or you may self-destruct. Channel your hormonal energies into things creative, such as art, music, poetry, sculpture, drama, etc. You must not allow yourself to become too self-indulgent or hedonistic. Feelings of jealousy, envy and possessiveness must be controlled or any relationship will be eventually destroyed. You need to develop your self-confidence so that feelings of insecurity do not drive you over the edge. All these experiences all meant to force you to reconsider and transform your values.

Mars blending with Jupiter
You have a wonderfully optimistic and positive attitude and you believe that there is nothing you can't do. Therefore, you tackle life's problems with self-confidence, a strong will and much gusto. You love challenges and if someone tells you something can't be done, then that makes you want to give it a go even more. No matter how much you accomplish, you will probably never rest on your laurels. There are always more challenges ahead of you and you actively seek them out. You are forward-looking, enterprising and enthusiastic about new projects. You are not happy in situations that do not offer you challenges and the potential for growth and expansion in the future - no matter how secure or satisfactory they may be in other respects. People probably think you are very competitive, but you are mainly in competition with yourself, to see how far you can go and how much you can accomplish. You have leadership abilities because you inspire courage, confidence and enthusiasm in others. You have the spark of life and your vitality is strong, so your health is generally good. Any problems that may set in are probably due to burnout rather than anything else. Because you are so strongly driven by challenge, you may lose interest in things or people if you do not feel challenged. This tendency can affect your love life as you may continually change partners to try and find one who can keep up with you or keep you on your toes. You like the chase more than the capture or conquest. You love absorbing new knowledge and you may travel in order to experience different cultures.

You are direct in speech and say what you mean, no holds barred. You may need to develop a bit more tact. There is a gambling streak in you because you love excitement. Be careful of your risk-taking tendencies as they can get you in over your head if you are not disciplined. You tend to pass judgment very quickly, regardless of whether or not you have all the facts. This also gets you into trouble at times. Try to curb any tendency you have in needing to be right all the time. Your ego can get rather large at times and it wouldn't hurt you to show some humility and modesty at times and also to say you're sorry for wrong actions and words. Remember that "Pride goeth before the fall" and "Judge not, lest ye be judged". With all that said, this aspect is one of the finest there is, as it also gives a measure of spiritual protection as well.

Mars blending with Saturn
You are serious about your ambitions and your goals and you know that hard work and dedication is the best way of assuring that you will succeed. You understand that anything valuable takes time to build and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort for whatever is required. You are capable of great self-denial until the job is finished. You don't mind applying lots of elbow grease and keeping your nose to the grindstone for as long as the job takes. You are self-controlled, dedicated, organized, systematic, thorough, disciplined and patient in the way you go about things. You are a born leader who has executive ability and great powers of concentration. People may see you as a bit of a stuffed-shirt, but they know they can count on you as you take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. They trust you to come through for them, regardless.

You meet obstacles and life without emotion and you will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. Most of the time you feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that it's all on your shoulders. You can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others. There are times when you doubt your own power and ability. You fear failure and that is why you will do anything in order to keep it from happening. There are times when it seems that every roadblock in the world is thrown at you, keeping you from initiating the things you have planned. Your solution is to dig down deep and work longer and harder. Your powers of determination and endurance are what make you succeed.

You have great drive, ambition, vitality and strategy. You desire to build and leave lasting structure. There is focus upon power and leadership. At times you may be too conservative and unwilling to take the risks that are sometimes necessary for success. Do not let fear keep you from making calculated, educated risks. Develop confidence in your own abilities. You may not be a genius but remember what Thomas Edison said, "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration". Remember that you do have an extraordinary capacity to sustain your concentration until your projects are completely finished.

When you are frustrated, you may have difficulty controlling your anger, which can be quite explosive since you tend to hold in your hostilities. You should learn to verbally express your resentments before you become so uncontrollable. If you find it impossible to talk about your resentments, then you should write them down and then reread them. If your anger goes away upon re-reading your notes, then you can destroy them. If not, then you should deliver them to whomever has caused your frustration, with the idea of talking about the frustrations when the paper has been read. You need to remember that bottling anger up inside you is one of the primary causes of gall and kidney stones. Controlling passionate desires may also need doing as unruly desires can get you in a lot of trouble if left unchecked.

Mars blending with Uranus
You tend to be rebellious, fiercely independent, original, unique, abrupt, head-strong, self-willed, volatile, rash, ahead of your time, eccentric and bohemian. You want to do your own thing and you hate restraint of any kind. It is hard for you to take orders. You have an unpredictable temper that can go off at a moment's notice. Yet you do have extraordinary drive and energy and can accomplish a great deal for good or ill depending on whether you use your energy constructively or destructively. You are impatient and want what you want when you want it, and NOW! You act quickly, impulsively and decisively. There are no half-way measures with you - it's all or nothing. You require a great deal of personal freedom and you dislike conforming to the schedules and rules imposed by others. Your rashness and carelessness can bring accidents because you are too often in a hurry. You like to be on the go and it is hard for you to stay in one place for very long. You tend to get bored easily and are always looking for new challenges, excitement and risk. You generally dislike authority unless you are the one wielding the power. You are frank and outspoken and you tell people exactly what you want them to hear - there's no second guessing with you. Formalities and tact do not mean too much to you most of the time. You can be a terrific agent for change if you apply yourself because you love to reform and will try to make changes in whatever you undertake. All that nervous energy you have makes you tense and high-strung and it is many times difficult for you to relax. You are restless, daring and experimental and you'll try almost anything at least once. You are mentally bright with much ingenuity and mechanical ability. Dangerous occupations appeal to you.

This aspect bestows upon you great vitality, honesty, intuition and courage. But it is essential for you to learn to take instruction and to listen to other people's viewpoints with an open mind, because this develops the self-discipline you need. Discipline keeps the world from being totally chaotic. You also seem to have a need to shock people, which should be stopped. You must learn to control those wild, rebellious tendencies.

Mars blending with Neptune
You have a very active and fertile imagination which at times can really run away from you. In order to keep your sanity it will be necessary at times to discipline your thoughts and stop going overboard with far-out ideas. Your ambitions and activities may never be totally practical and concrete as you enjoy thinking about Utopia rather than the real-life world. You have a strong desire to act out your fantasies, dreams, visions and ideals. Artistic, musical or dramatic ability is within you if you can organize and discipline yourself to actually doing the work it takes to bring things to fruition. You have a mystical nature and you are curious as to the greater spiritual truths. Ordinary life seems drab and uninteresting to you, and you need to have some big dream or something larger than your own narrow personal interests to live for. The sea has a strong pull for you as you are renewed by its vibrations.

Confusion sometimes overcomes you regarding just exactly how and where to direct your energies and ambitions. There are times when you just drift through life, hoping that something or someone will spring up and put you on the right course. You need to learn how to make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. You have a passive side and at times lack the will power, physical energy, strength, and the fighting spirit to achieve your aims, stand up for your beliefs or to confront the people you need to be assertive with.

There is a great deal of powerful magnetic energy here with this aspect and you will find that you are drawn to people or circumstances in strange and unusual ways. Manipulation and fraud can be part of these experiences and you may be on both the giving and the receiving end of things. You may have difficulty recognizing or telling the truth and you may encounter people who are also this way. In any case you need to be careful about the sorts of people you meet and establish relationships with.

Accept responsibilities and discipline in this life. That is the message of this aspect. Do not try to run away from your troubles and especially do not try to avoid them through drugs or alcohol. Stay away from negative psychic influences such as Ouija boards, sťances, hypnotism and mediums. There is an urgent need for you to be totally honest with yourself and others.

Mars blending with Pluto
This is a powerful aspect for good or ill. When you want something, I mean, you really want something and you do whatever it takes to get what you want. Hopefully, you will go about this in the right manner, respecting the wishes and needs of others rather than simply walking over whomever you feel is getting in your way. You are very zealous and almost fanatical when you get an idea into your head. This makes you capable of great reform and great construction or destruction, depending on how you employ your energies. You are strong-willed and stubborn and you never say die. You have more endurance than most of those around you and if you are in a position of leadership, it would be well for you to remember that others do not possess the energy and stamina that you have. So be careful you do not become the proverbial slave-driver.

Sometimes in the pursuit of your goals, you lose all objectivity and are completely driven by your desires and your passions. At times like this you let no one stand in your way. You insist on being completely right about everything you say or do. You have a large and powerful ego and it might be well for you to remember that humility and modesty make for easier going rather than an over-inflated ego. At least your co-workers and associates will think so.

Power fascinates you and most things you do may be because you want more and more control, over things, situations and people. This can make you a real tyrant to be around. Your tendency is not so much to work around things as it is to run over things, especially anything that gets in your way. You can accomplish so much if you will just be aware that some methods are more productive than others in the long run. You can be ruthless and impersonal when it comes to achieving your ambitions and goals in life. You have enormous energy and are capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement. You can also become a compulsive workaholic.

You have the ability to exercise subtle control over others. This can make it easy for you to manipulate others. I hope you remember two things. No one likes to be manipulated and you will eventually reap all that you have sown. You are a natural detective and ferret. Nothing escapes you as you have the ability to correctly size up people and situations. You may have difficulty in expressing your warmth and affection for others. At times you need to lighten up. You have the ability to accept life as you find it, without wishing everything to be different.

Jupiter blending with Saturn
Tradition, ethics and morality blend together here tending to make you honorable, trustworthy and capable of leadership. You want to be in charge and your executive abilities make you the right person for the job. Your religious beliefs tend to be practical, down-to-earth and orthodox. You value education, law and order and you have a well-developed sense of justice and fairness. The projects you undertake are done systematically, with thoroughness and organization. You prefer life to be structured and regulated. You have a mind that is capable of large-scale planning with the ability to carry out your plans in a disciplined manner. You are goal-oriented. Conflict makes you restless and irritable so you avoid it whenever possible. Learn to be quietly assertive without being verbally combative when conflicts arise.

Jupiter blending with Uranus
Sudden material good fortune is possible with this aspect. You like to take chances and you get excited about new ideas, new knowledge and new experiences. You enjoy travel because of the opportunities it gives you to learn. You have interest in philosophy and your beliefs tend to be rather unorthodox, perhaps even a bit eccentric. You are socially aware, interested in the betterment of all people and you possess a fine mind with good judgment, intuition and mental quickness. You are inventive and creative and you have the ability to abstractly plan large undertakings. You have a great need to feel free and independent. You are tolerant of other people's viewpoints. Your love of freedom and your insatiable desire for new experiences and knowledge will probably keep you on the move quite a lot.

Jupiter blending with Neptune
You tend to be idealistic, optimistic, having great faith and imagination. Your dreams are many and they are not of the small variety. When you have an idea, it is big. Perhaps your greatest flaw is in being too optimistic and promising more than you can deliver. You are a natural promoter and salesperson. At times you are over-emotional and will fall for any sob story. You are eager to help others, but at times you can be taken advantage of by others who play on your sympathies. You believe in the oneness of life and that we are all connected so that what hurts one, hurts everyone. Great gains can come from unexpected sources, but you may also experience great financial loss due to fraud, wild speculation or excess. You need to keep your feet on the ground. You have the tendency to remain cheerful in the face of any situation. Your faith in the future is quite strong, generally. Just don't become blind to the realities and practicalities of life. Do not trick yourself into thinking that a situation is simply marvelous when it really is not. You are generous, sympathetic and loving. There may be a strong mystical streak and you will perhaps always be closely connected with spirituality and religion.

Jupiter blending with Pluto
You have an awareness of the connectivity of all people and animals. You are interested in improving yourself and the world around you. Great ideas for personal and universal growth and change come to you fairly easily. You want to make the world a better place in which to live. You have sensitivity, much popularity and leadership potential. There is a strong drive within you to achieve something lasting and worthwhile. Knowledge is important to you and you are ever on the quest to gain more for yourself or spread your own knowledge to others. You enjoy teaching. Positions of power appeal to you as they are catapults for helping you bring creative changes into your environment. Perhaps, though, you need to learn to listen a bit more to other people's viewpoints with an open mind and to learn to take instructions from others without resentment. Develop more tolerance and curtail feelings of always needing to be right.

Saturn blending with Uranus
Depending on other factors in your horoscope, this aspect will either bring out greater magnetism or greater confusion. The struggle here is between the conservative and the liberal, the traditional and the innovative, the conventional and the eccentric, the real and down-to-earth and the visionary. Internal tension is created as you go from one side to the other, back and forth. This aspect, though, can give you the power to positively blend these different qualities in ways that are truly beneficial to all. It may not come easily, but if given the necessary repeated effort, it is certainly possible to do. You are capable of making great reforms by using discipline and structure in bringing about needed change. Your sense of order, practicality and method allows you to see the job through to the end if you will just stick with it. You must be patient as good things take time to build. Poise and calm are necessary and you must learn to control that sometimes terrible temper of yours. Lashing out at others is certain to bring harm to you in the long run. Feelings of restlessness can make you act quite impulsively. Sudden decisions or emotional outbursts made in the heat of the moment will be regretted later. Your inner tension is probably caused by holding in your emotions until those emotions reach unbearable levels. Then you explode. Learning to release these strong emotions through exercise would benefit you. Meditation or yoga are two other ways in which this tension can be channeled properly.

Saturn blending with Neptune
You may be subject to feelings of depression, insecurity and self-doubt. Whether you like it or not, at some point you will need to trust in people, regardless of past bad experiences. In past lives you yourself have not been all that nice to others and now you are given the opportunity to see if you can turn the other cheek to those who do you wrong and learn how to forgive them. Two wrongs do not make a right and part of your mission here is to rise above the bad things that the world does to you. Withdrawing from society will not help you accomplish your task. You must get in there and mix it up. That is the only way to overcome any rough side to your character. Face your problems, face those who make life difficult for you and trust that your salvation comes from the facing. Remember that Achilles was only harmed when he turned away from his enemy. That is the only way he could get hit in the heel with the arrow. Face your problems head-on and do not ignore them, hoping they will go away. In time you may learn that suffering brings obedience and obedience brings relief and salvation.

Saturn blending with Pluto
You are quite capable of much self-discipline and self-denial. Life in your eyes is serious, so serious at times that you may occasionally suffer from depression. Your great stamina allows you to work as hard as needed in order to accomplish whatever you have set your Will upon. Just be sure you do not use wrongs means to accomplish your goals. People are not here for you to walk on or over so that you can make it to the top. The more people you wrongly use to get yourself ahead only increases your chance of falling from grace. This aspect is telling you to keep your nose clean and do everything above board and by the book. There are no shortcuts to success and if you think otherwise, then life will eventually show you the error of your thinking. Do not get into the habit of fearing change. Embrace change because it gives you a chance to grow, reform and regenerate yourself. If you do not try to regenerate yourself willing, then life will put the people in your way that will force you to do so, on their terms, not yours. Change is your teacher so do not fight against it, even though it may be difficult. Whatever failure you meet in life, resist any bitter feelings you have. Defeats are actually spiritual aids that will help you to evolve. The only failure in life is in giving up.

Uranus blending with Neptune
You may experience spiritual mysticism, strong intuitive awareness and/or scientific abilities with this aspect. Great powers of intuition, imagination and psychicism may be present or perhaps easily developed. You are attracted to the unusual, the hidden, the universal, the occult and the esoteric.

Uranus blending with Pluto
There is power here to help you change outdated social systems and structures should you desire to do so. Whether you use this power for your own selfish purposes or to help uplift humanity is up to you. You can be sure that ruin will follow you if you only use this power for your own gain. Some form of involvement with the masses is indicated. You have much willpower and stamina if you don't get side-tracked with too many different projects. Focus on one thing at a time before moving on to the next. If you are tempted to swerve from the straight and narrow remember that "those who live by the sword die by the sword". Here's another truth to remember - "You will always reap what you sow, so sow carefully and wisely". In some manner, you may make an imprint upon society.

Neptune blending with Pluto
As with all in your generation, you have the opportunity to be of service to others for the benefit of humanity. Use any psychic or spiritual powers to help those around you.

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