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Personal Daily Horoscope -
As the planets of our solar system orbit around the Sun, they move into mathematical relationships with one another. These relationships are called "transits." Transits operate like a pen highlighting words on a page - they draw our attention to a particular area. By understanding the meaning behind a specific transit we can understand the deeper meaning of events - both on a global scale as well as within our own lives. Some transits move very quickly and are in effect for only a few days while others are in effect over months or even years. Shorter transiting events should always be viewed against the larger picture. The slowest moving outer Planets ironically have the most influence. Even tho they are farthest away from the Earth, their slow motion lengthens the time that their aspects last, thereby creating the greatest change. The Moon aspects are the most fleeting. They are used to time events, but mostly, they indicate passing moods. Transits of the outer planets to your personal Planets can signal big changes in your life.

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